Lemon Law News – Tips to Drive Safely in the Fog

Foggy Days Increase Crash Risks

Driving in fog can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous as fog drastically affects the visibility of the driver. We have seen hundreds of vehicles ending up in a chain reaction pile-ups on the highways on foggy days. Even if you are a pro at driving in the fog, but it is important to be very careful as there are high chances that the other drivers on the road are not using the best of their judgment. With winters almost here, add some safe driving tips in the fog to your driving knowledge to avoid mishaps.

The first rule you should remember is: never drive on high beams. You may feel that high beam improves your visibility, but this is just an illusion. In fact, high beams put in more light in your eyes making it hard for you to see anything that lies ahead of your car. It is best to drive slowly and cautiously. A continuous look on your speedometer is advisable as fog gives an illusion of driving slower than you are actually are. Even if you are familiar with the kind of traffic of the road, don’t hit the accelerator as the fog make familiar road unfamiliar. Speeding up may ask you to slam brakes hard in case of emergency, and such a reaction is enough to cause a multiple vehicle pile-up. Even if you encounter a dense patch of fog out of nowhere, avoid putting hard brakes and slow down your car gradually allowing enough reaction time to the driver behind you.

Experts also suggest rolling down your windows to get maximum audio and visual cues. You should also avoid turning up music as there are chances that you might not see the car driving in front of you but you might hear the sound of its horn or squeaky brakes or any other driving cues given by your fellow drivers. These cues also help you to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Following a car and the leads provided by it during fog seems a good idea but actually, it isn’t. If you follow a car too closely, you won’t get enough time to respond in case of a sudden reaction by that car. So, maintaining a safe distance is utmost important. Follow all traffic rules and avoid unexpected overtaking. There are high chances that the other drivers may just bump into your car even on your smallest driving error. Driving cautiously is driving safely.

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